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Zipline - bridges, ropes and sheets galore!


If you're familiar with Zipline, you know that it's original creator, binarydoodler, has not updated it since 1.7.3. However, mod updating legend Coupon has come to the rescue and updated it for 1.0. with the help of aSakofDonuts.
It's a great mod that introduces a lot of things that really should be in vanilla Minecraft, among which are ropes, ziplines, rope bridges and etc.

First off, let's take a look at the ropes. Ropes are crafted with 2 string, and can be placed on any block, or attached to any existing rope to make it longer, meaning you can place a rope in the middle of a hanging rope to make it longer, instead of having to always click the bottom end.

They are climbable, and have a complex physics system that is accompanied by a nice wobble effect. You can craft ropes and arrows together to create the obviously named “Arrow with Rope” which can be fired from a normal bow and leaves a rope trail behind and connects to the block it hits. It's a great idea implemented pretty poorly - it connects where it shouldn't, can glitch out, and is all-around useless.

You can craft a handlebar, which you right click with on the rope to zipline. It's a cool and useful feature.
Then we have the rope bridges. Traversing between mountains in Minecraft is often very tedious due to you either having to climb down and back up, make ugly dirt bridges, or put in a lot of work to build a good looking bridge using fences, plates and iron bars.
You craft them with ropes and planks, so they are cheap, but they are very useful, and look nice connecting mountains. They are, in my opinion, the best feature of the pack, even though the ropes are more useful.
With this mod, you can also craft sheets using wool, which have the same physics as the ropes, and can be used to create tents and similar stuff. It's not the most complicated edition, but it does come in handy for decoration.



You can also place leather. Another purely decorative feature, but a welcome addition to the mod nonetheless. And that is it. Even though this mod may not be a very feature rich package, it manages to improve your Minecraft experience significantly, without being too confusing. You can download it here.