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The NEW Ultimate Mo' Creatures Guide - Part 1 (A-F)


On your adventures through the blocky lands of Minecraft, if you have Mo' Creatures installed, you might encounter all kinds of new mobs and animals you are not familiar with. This is where this almanac comes in. Now updated for Mo' Creatures 4.5.1 compatible with Minecraft 1.4.7, this is the go-to guide for all things Mo' Creatures. Browse all of the mobs in alphabetical order with pictures and short, to-the-point descriptions (some jokes included).

Let's begin!

Part 1 of 3 - includes Bears, Bunnies, Cave Ogres, Crocodiles, Deer, Dolphins, Ducks, Elephants & Mammoths, Fire Ogres,Flame Wraiths and Foxes.

You can scroll down to view all of the information one animal at a time, or click the name of the animal in the list above to get right to the one you're looking for! If your animal is not on that list, click here for Part 2 that includes Goats, Golems, Horses, Insects, JellyFish, Kitties, Komodo Dragons, Lil' Fish, MantaRays and Mice or Part 3 which includes Ogres, Ostriches, Rats, Scorpions, Sharks, Snails, Snakes, Stingrays, Turtles, Turkeys, Werewolves, Wolves and Wraiths.

Click here for Part 4 which features the latest mobs that have been released since this guide was published!

Bears are common place in forests. The grizzly and black bear are defensive (they won't attack unless provoked), while a Panda will not attack at all and will go around looking for reeds (which was bamboo in previous Minecraft versions, which makes more sense) and giving them some will tame them. A polar bear might spawn wherever there is snow and will attack on sight. It does not have any Coca-Cola.

BigCats are more of a collection of different mobs that act alike. Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, Panthers, Snow Leopards and White Tigers included. There are male and female versions. The females are more aggressive and attack on sight, while the males only attack sometimes. They often fight among each other. Cubs spawn randomly and can be tamed using some meat and a craftable medallion the mod adds. A whip can be used to command them. They drop claws (used in crafting) and meat when killed.

Birds are mobs that don't do much gameplay-wise and are more there for the atmosphere. You can tame them with seeds and pick them up, which gives you the ability to glide. There are lots of different kinds with custom sounds for every kind.

Boars are like aggressive pigs. They roam around plains and woods hunting smaller mobs, but they can be aggressive towards you too if you get too close. They drop meat when killed. The guilt of killing a cute baby boar is not worth the meat reward.

Bunnies are passive mobs that hop around green biomes. You can tame them and pick them up to wear as a hat. They mate when in closed spaces, but to the disappointment of everyone ever, there are no baby bunnies in the mod (yet!).

Cave Ogres are big, strong mobs that spawn in caves underground. Similar to their surface counterpart, they will attack on sight hitting the ground which destroys blocks and knocks you back. They drop diamonds when killed and have are stronger and cause a bigger blast than regular ogres.

Crocodiles are extremely hostile mobs that spawn in swamp biomes. They will attack with their jaws and drag you into the water where they will finish you off unless you break free in the mean time by hitting them. They drop scales that can be used to craft armor. They sometimes act dormant, but they will always attack you if you get close so be careful.

Deer are very fragile, easily frightened passive ambience mobs. They are afraid of everything including you and run away all the time. There are males and females. They make a very strange noise that is often mistaken for something more aggressive.

Dolphins are water animals that swim around and don't attack the player. They can be tamed by feeding them some fish, after which you can ride them. There are 6 kinds, with the albino dolphin being extremely rare. They can be bred by feeding two dolphins cooked fish.

Ducks are passive mobs that have no gameplay use and are only there for ambiance. They are similar to chickens, but look and sound differently.

Elephants and Mammoths are big,but friendly animals. Elephants spawn in warmer biomes, while Mammoths in colder. You can tame them with sugar (lots of it) which then allows you to equip them and ride them. By crouching, you will make them sit down so that you can mount them. Several items can be crafted for them, like harnesses, chests and tusk improvements for block breaking. They are extremely awesome in multiplayer.

Fire Ogres are dangerous hostile mobs that spawn only on Hard difficulty and are extremely hard to kill. Like the other ogres, they attack by hitting the ground which causes a huge blast, but the fire ogre's explosions also light things on fire. They are fire resistant and drop fire, the actual item of fire not usually obtainable in-game, which you can use to craft chainmail.

Flame Wraiths are dangerous flying hostile mobs that spawn only on Hard difficulty at night. They set on fire every few seconds (like flashing) so they are visible from afar. They can set you on fire with their attacks and drop redstone when killed.

Foxes are passive animals that spawn in woods and attack smaller creatures around them. They will fight back if attacked and drop fur when killed. No taming or breeding.

That's it for Part 1 of our New Ultimate Mo' Creature Guide. If you don't already have the Mo' Creatures mod, I highly recommend you get it here:

Download the latest Mo' Creatures Mod version now!

We hope you found all the information you were looking for. Stay safe from those nasty Ogres, but also stay tuned for the other 2 parts of the guide - they will be posted soon and connected via links for easy transition between parts. Feel free to discuss the mobs and give any feedback you might have in the comment section below.