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The Twilight Forest Guide - The Swamp


Welcome back to our Twilight Forest guide! In this edition, we're continuing our Twilight adventure with the second major area - The Swamp. New monsters lie withing, so take a look…

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You've already gotten started and have explored the Woods and defeated the Lich and the Naga. You're already quite a successful hero, but with the Lich's death, a new biome has opened - the murky Swamp. In this edition, we're going to take a look at the terrain and enemies of the Swamp.

Table of Contents

  • Swamp Biome
  • Fire Swamp Biome
  • Mosquito Swarm
  • Labyrinth

  • Hydra

The Swamp area only has two distinct biomes, and the bigger one where you'll spend most of the time is the swamp biome. It is filled with short trees with big branches. There's tons of water - ponds and creeks and rivers - and the grass is a dark murky green.

The Fire Swamp biome is the second biome that is part of the Swamp area, and it will not be accessible until you have conquered the Labyrinth and defeated the Minoshroom - otherwise you will be burnt by the heat of the swamp. It is quite small, but similar to the regular swamp in structure with the exception of being dark red. In the middle of it is the lair of the Hydra, which we will talk about more later.

Apart from the usual mobs you'd find elsewhere in the Twilight Forest or the Overworld, there's one unique enemy - the Mosquito Swarm. These annoying buggers will roam the swamp biome and attack you, causing a small amount of damage and a poison that will linger, draining your hunger bar. It is due to these that I heartily recommend stocking up on food even more than usual when adventuring into the swamp.

The real meat of the Swamp area is the underground Labyrinth, which houses many monsters and a mini-boss you must defeat to progress in the mod. The Labyrinth consists of two levels - one filled with mobs, loot and danger - the other, accessible only through a shaft on the first level, houses the Minoshroom miniboss. There are many ways to enter the Labyrinth scattered around the swamp biome. Personally, I found it through a cave that broke out on the surface.

The signature mob of the Labyrinth has to be the Minotaur. The mix of human and bull is fast, strong, and deadly. They will strike hard with their golden axes, and can spawn in great numbers due to the spawners in the Labyrinth. Take great care when fighting these. They drop Meef, which I believe is supposed to mean minotaur beef.

Maze Slimes are another inhabitant of the Labyrinth, and are a lot like regular slimes - they split up into multiple smaller ones on death, hop around and drop slimeballs. Maze Slimes can be pretty big and dangerous, but the reward for their death can not only be a slimeball, but also a charm of keeping, which lets you keep some items in your inventory after death, and is quite useful.

Fire Beetles are a bug-type mob that spawns in Labyrinths, but can also spawn in Hollow Hills occasionally. They aren't very strong, but can hit hard with their fire breathing attack. This is easily countered using ranged weaponry. They drop gunpowder on death.

Slime Beetles are one of the most annoying hostile mobs of all time, that spawn in Labyrinths, but sometimes also in large Hollow Hills. They shoot high damage slimeballs at you that are very hard to dodge, and run away from you at a high speed if you get close, making them very hard to fight. They drop slimeballs on death, making the trouble they put you through completely not worth it.

The last beetles are the Pinch Beetles, a hostile mob that spawns in Labyrinths, but can also spawn in Hollow Hills occasionally. They are quite strong and have a special attack - they will pick you up and carry you around, dealing tons of damage. They're also known to throw people into lava, I'm not sure if that's intended or not. When they pick you up, you need to make it a priority to kill this thing quickly.

Now that you've learned about the enemies, it's time for the miniboss - the Minoshroom. His room has 4 entrances, one on each side of the cube, covered in fences to prevent him from escaping. You will have to break in, at which point the fearsome Minoshroom will charge at you.

Fighting the Minoshroom is pretty straightforward - he will charge at you and try to melee you, without any special abilites. Other mobs in the area might interfere with your battle, which caused a problem for me because I was poisoned by a spider. Simply avoid the Minoshroom's charges and beat him (ranged weapons proved to be too slow in my case, so I used a sword) into submission.

Once you've defeated the Minoshroom, it will drop a useful weapon called the Minotaur Axe, and “Meat Stroganoff”, a type of food that once picked up, will render you immune to the fire of the fire swamp and allow you to face the final boss of the swamp area…

… the Hydra. In the middle of the Fire Swamp, you'll find what looks like a regular Hollow Hill.

But, when you get around it, you will see that it has been re purposed into a lair.

The Hydra is the main boss of the swamp area. It is a significantly tougher boss than anything you've faced before and you'll need excellent gear, as well as both ranged and melee weaponry. The Hydra has three main attacks. It will breathe fire, setting you on fire. It can spit explosive fireballs at you that will explode on contact. Finally, it can bite you if you get too close, causing devastating damage.

Fighting the Hydra is going to take time and precision. Avoid its attack, and try to aim for the head that has an open mouth because those hits will cause significant damage, compared to regular hits that will do very, very little damage. As you take a head out, two heads will take its place, up to a terrifying seven heads.

With persistence and skill, you will defeat the Hydra and can obtain the treasures in its lair, as well as loot it for fiery blood that you can craft into armor. Fiery blood will also unlock the next area - the Dark Forest…

For now, that's it, but stay tuned for more Twilight Forest, as well as Minecraft mods in general. Like always, feel free to leave any feedback you might have in the comment section below.

Version of mod reviewed: v2.3.3 for Minecraft 1.7.10.