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Mob Amputations - Random Acts of Pixely Violence

iChun is one of the better known modders out there, famous for his work on the Portal Gun mod and many more. This time, he brings us Mod Amputations. A small and simple mod that adds some gore to Minecraft's combat with limb amputations, decapitations and blood effects. Read on for the details.

Warning: Pictures may contain content inappropriate for children (pixelated violence).

While some mods will baffle you with lots of complex content, Mob Amputations keeps it simple. It works on zombies, skeletons and zombie pigmen and it does exactly what it's name suggests. Each tool has a chance to amputate a mob on hit, swords obviously being the highest (usually every 3-4 hits in my experience). Whichever limb you hit will come right off and if it's a zombie or a zombie pigman blood will spray out and all over the floor. Besides limbs, you can also amputate heads - decapitation. This will cause the mob to die after a brief period of time, you know, since it no longer has a head. Skeletons will even panic if you cut of their bow arm!

The results of an amputation include blood, but the limb will also fall to the ground and linger for a while. Hit it and blood will spurt out. The mod has a config file that will allow you to configure pretty much anything in the mod, and it even works in SMP, though some advanced features like skeleton panic will be disabled since the mod is completely client side.

That's really all there is to it. If you want to check the mod out, give it a try here:

Download Mob Amputations here! 

Installation instructions:

  1. Open minecraft.jar and delete the META-INF folder.
  2. Install the Forge API.
  3. Run Minecraft at least once.
  4. Put the downloaded zip file in the mods folder located in your .minecraft folder.
  5. Play!

So feel free to get out there and engage in random acts of pixely violence. Or leave us a comment below. Or both! We'll try to help if you have issues installing  the mod.

Version of mod reviewed: Version V1  for Minecraft 1.5.2.