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Upcoming: Shrooms! - Underground Mushroom Biomes

It's been a while but it feels good to have it back. Yes, it's another edition of our Upcoming series of articles featuring work in progress mods. This time we're taking a look at Shrooms! - an ambitious mod by the creator of Goblins! that aims to add an underground mushroom biome complete with new blocks, enemies and items. Let's take a look…

The mushroom caves are the focus of the mod and answer to the “Where” question. Spawning deep underground slightly above bedrock levels, these huge caves are home to many types of mushrooms , some useful some dangerous.  Though size of these caves varies, even the smallest ones are a sight to behold. There are lakes with healing properties that come at the cost of hunger and nausea.

There are huge blue and purple mushrooms that drop their respective tiny mushroom counterparts which heal you when eaten. Giant grey mushrooms tower above all others and small, square puff shrooms explode when you get near. Finally there are jump shrooms which are flat and negate fall damage but will launch you higher when you jump.

New and dangerous mobs dwell within these deep caves. Spider-like ticks shoot poison at you and spawn tiny ticks to attack you. Fungal infected zombies are harder, better, faster and stronger than their surface brothers. Even infected (and deadlier) enderman will roam these caves, though they haven't been added yet. After all, the mod isn't finished yet.

There's lots of stuff still to be added to the mod, as it is in alpha, but this is a nice, small taste of what's to come. You can check out the mod yourself, here:

Download Shrooms! here. WARNING: Mod is still in heavy development and may not work as intended. You might want to wait for the actual release.

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