Minecraft Mods

The Potential of Adventure Mode

In a recent snapshot, the Minecraft team has added a very early version of a new mode in Minecraft - Adventure mode. This is a mode fans have been suggesting for a long time, and one that has existed as a mod (AdventureCraft) until now. The mode is very much work in progress, but one has to wonder what it will look like once it's finished. It certainly has the potential to be amazing, and there are a 3 things that I think Mojang can do to make it amazing.

User Defined Options

Currently, the mode makes it so that the player can't break all blocks, and has it's own set of preset rules. This is not how it should work in the final version. Map creators should have the ability to set permissions: which blocks can be broken and which cannot, as well as starting items, allowed mob spawns etc. This would allow them to further customize the nature and design of their maps. It would bring more possibilities to the table than a simple “no block breaking” system.

More Adventure-y Items

You know how AdventureCraft adds a bunch of cool items that aren't in the vanilla game and improve the experience like shields, bombs and other cool stuff like that? That should be in the game. These items may not fit in perfectly in the survival mode, but they are perfect for the kind of adventures users will be creating with this mode.

Embedded Data

This is a very logical idea to come to. Maps often rely on custom texturepacks and mods to deliver the experience originally planned by the creator. Installing these for every map is a complicated process, and many users are turned off by that. If map creators could embed special textures and mods into their map files, thing could get a whole lot easier. And while I see that this might be tricky to implement, I'm sure it isn't a stretch considering the Mod API is in the works, and launchers like Magic Launcher already allow for mods to be turned off and on without installing and removing them. Now that we can write into books, storytelling is much easier. Could we see custom sounds and maybe even cinematics?

Simple, right? Well, not really. This would require a tremendous amount of work to be implemented, but isn't requesting this kind of crazy stuff kind of what fans do? I certainly hope some of this ends up in the mode because I believe it would make it much more enjoyable to the players.

What are your suggestions for adventure mode? Would you like to see the above features added as well? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below.