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Mod Preview: Grand Arsenal - a mod that adds over 17500 sword variants to Minecraft

A couple of swords and some enchantments weren't enough for modder thesuzerain. He wanted more freaking swords. 10? Please. 50? Nope. 200? Don't embarrass yourself. 9000? MORE. That's the basic premise behind the Grand Arsenal mod. Different elemental powers, names, materials, strengths and more features are all randomly combined to make one of the many variants of swords. This makes for interesting options for melee combat. Am I using the word sword too much? Probably because there's so many swords in this sword mod. Let's take a closer look at all the differences in these swords.

The material a sword is made of is the first thing you'll notice. It changes the look of the sword and directly affects its capabilities. This is to some degree already in Minecraft with wood, stone, iron, gold and diamond swords, but this mod blows it out of the water with 24 sword materials. It's hard to figure out which one is the strongest for sure, but I'd say the bedrock and dragoncore materials are at the top. With so many additional factors to a swords actual power, I'd have to do some extensive testing.

After that you'll notice the name. This doesn't actually affect the sword's power, but it's a neat feature to be in there. The names are randomly generated and are always suitable for the swords actual features, but some words tend to repeat themselves often. They consist of a prefix, a word for “sword” (most often “blade”) then an attribute. So an example of a name would be “Insane Blade of Hellfire”.

The thing that affect the sword the most is its element. As far as I figured, there are 4 elements a swords can have, and they are Fire, Water, Air and Earth. They affect the strength and often add special powers and effects to the weapon. Fire can burn an enemy or even add a fireball attack on right click. Earth raises attack power. Air throws enemies in the air or knocks them back and Water inflicts a movement speed penalty to the enemy. There are probably many more effects to every element I haven't found, but during my testing I only got these.

Finally the last thing I'll mention is the sword's power. It's the number in brackets next to the element of the sword. It affects the damage of the weapon and amplifies the effects of the elemental powers. Fire (7) often has the fireball special attack.  Air (5) has a much higher throw than Air (2) and so forth. There's much much more behind that number in terms of the sword's specific abilities, but it roughly represents the overall strength of the sword. This may sound similar to enchantment in vanilla Minecraft, but it has more options and features making it superior.

There's also much much more to this mod. These are only the 4 of the most prominent differences in swords, but with over 17500 variants, there's a lot more going on in the background. As the mod gets more polished and closer to release we'll find out if the swords are crafted, dropped from mobs, found in dungeons or maybe none of those. It isn't completely done yet, but if you'd like to try the mod yourself, you can download it here:

Download the alpha version of Grand Arsenal.

The mod requires Forge API to run. What kind of sword would you like to get? Which of the elements do you prefer? Leave your feedback in the comment section below.

Special thanks to the mod's creator thesuzerain for this preview, and the r/minecraft community for their support.