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Minecraft Comes Alive Mod - a revamp of Minecraft villages.

It's village week.  This week I take a look at 3 different approaches to improving Minecraft villages. After The Farlanders Mod, I take a look at the very successful Minecraft Comes Alive mod.

“Say goodbye to those ugly and boring Testificates! Minecraft Comes Alive (MCA) aims to give Minecraft's villagers an actual use within the game.”, says WildBamaBoy about his extremely successful mod, Minecraft Comes Alive. The mod aims to revamp the village system in Minecraft by switching out the testificates for human villagers and fleshing out the actual interaction between them and the player. You can talk with them, give them stuff or order them around. You can get married and have children who then do chores for you, and more. Read on for the details.

Let's start with the basic information about the villagers. Like I mentioned above, they are no longer testificates, the squid like being we all know but only some of us like, but are rather all converted into humans. There are male and female villagers, but there isn't a difference between their abilities as far as I can tell (yay equality!). When you start a new world, you get asked what gender you want to be, what your name is and to choose 3 basic options on how the mod will work. Your gender choice doesn't change your model or skin, and doesn't change gameplay.

Terrain generation was not changed, so villages look the same and spawn the same, and your previous seeds that spawn you inside a village (like “gimmeavillage”)will work fine. When you actually find a village, you can interact with the villagers there. They have random names, titles and skins to fit their title/gender.  You can chat with villagers or tell a joke. You can tell the villagers to follow you or stay in a certain area, but they might not listen to you if they don't particularly like you.

Your interaction with villagers is tracked by the hearts system, which is seen above the villager's name. You start at 0. Talking with the villagers which will affect your hearts randomly (mostly positively, but not always so you can't just keep spamming).  You can also gift them items to quickly increase their hearts.  When you've raised hearts high enough you can gift this villager an engagement ring and get married, at which point they love you even more and you can procreate.

I'm Hilda. I live in the village.

Ah yes, procreation, what a nice way to say sex. Regardless, this opens up a whole new door (no pun intended) because it results in children.

Yes. Always.

Children are an interesting gameplay mechanic. After you procreate you name and get a baby which is just an item to hold in your hotbar for a couple of in-game days until a message pops up saying your child is now ready to grow. You then find a nice spot, right click and your kid just spawns  on that spot. While you have a baby item you can't procreate, and have to wait until it grows up and spawns, so you can't just keep making kids and make them into your little slave army. But you can come close.

You see, kids to chores. And those chores are those boring things you don't like to do like fishing, farming, etc. You can make your kids do that, given that you give them the proper tools and they love you enough, so that you can focus on building and doing all the fun stuff. It's a neat system. There's apparently a special feature exclusive to hardcore mode, but since it requires a lot of time, I didn't test it myself.

I do have to note that the current version of Minecraft Comes Alive is extremely unstable. My worlds were often broken and my game often crashed, and I had no other mods installed. It was just a clean .jar with the latest version of Forge and the mod itself. That said, it is very early after an update so stability should become one of the mod's features soon enough. You can grab the mod here:

Download the Minecraft Comes Alive Mod now!

Let us know how you liked the mod in the comment section below and stay tuned for the conclusion of village week - a detailed showcase of Millenaire, one the most famous mods out there.