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MineZ - A DayZ inspired server mod that you have to check out


Earlier this year a little mod called DayZ was released for ARMA 2. You might have heard of it, because it was everywhere these past couple of months. It was so popular that other mods and even games started popping up trying to replicate the concept while adding their own spin. MineZ is one of these mods - it is inspired by DayZ, but it does some stuff different. In short, it's a realistic zombie apocalypse survival game where thirst and hunger play a huge role as well as stealth. Zombies are a real threat and something to be feared, and aren't just meat for you to kill like in other games. Sound enticing enough? Read on…

MineZ uses some elements from Minecraft that you know and love in a different fashion for the sake of gameplay, which I will try to explain.

First of all the HUD, while it still looks the same, works completely different. The experience bar servers as a Visibility meter. The more it fills up, the more visible you are to zombies. Jumping and sprinting will increase your visibility, while sneaking will decrease it. Secondly, the level counter is actually a thirst meter. It goes up to 20, and the lower it drops the more thirsty you are. If it drops to zero you start dehydrating and lose health. You spawn with a bottle which you can refill from any water block. The hunger and health bars, while still representing hunger and health respectively, are something to keep an eye on more than usual. Food is scarce so you should sprint conservatively and always be on the look out for more food. Your health doesn't fill up once the hunger bar is full, which makes fighting those zombies much harder. Eating a food item restores half a heart instantly though, making small food items the best health replenishing option.


Some items have changed their profession in this mod and server much different purposes in the game. Milk is used as a cure to the zombie infection that you get from fights or eating zombie flesh. Paper is used as bandage for healing or stopping bleeding. Shears use as a healing tool for healing other players. Hitting a player with a paper (optionally some die for additional effects) then shears will heal them. Snowballs can be used as a distraction for zombies and Ender pearls are basically grenades. The Ender Eye is a communication device (the “Eye-phone”) that allows you to receive chat from other players far away that also have it in their hotbar. The position of the eye in your hotbar affects the frequency you're listening to, so you can use multiple eyes to hear everyone.


Zombies are the main enemy for everyone in MineZ. They are the only mob that spawns, but they are drastically different from vanilla Minecraft. They are faster, stronger and hit harder. They will kill you if you're not careful and they take you by surprise. They have a complicated detection system. They're attracted to loud noises, chase you around and look for you when you hide and even form into groups in the wild. If a player is killed he becomes a special zombie that drops all his inventory when killed. This way you can actually retrieve your inventory if you're fast and skilled enough.

  • Tip: If you have to eat rotten flesh to survive, eat all that you have at once. The infection effect doesn't stack.

The map is a huge part of MineZ. It's not like a regular Minecraft map in many aspects. It's not randomly generated, but is rather pre-built and same for every player on every server. It consists of various huge biome themed areas that are mostly empty, but have structures scattered around that serve as hotspots of the game. Be it a city, a ruin or some sort of fortress, it is the place you will find loot, zombies, and most likely - other players.


Ah other players, one of the key aspects of this mod. Other players are the most unreliable thing in the game. They can be friendly and heal you, or they can be evil bastards that kill you, take your items and teabag your face. Most of the time it is the latter, so be careful. Crouching and blocking is a sign of peace, but it means nothing in the cold, harsh world of MineZ. A friendly player might even seem peaceful when you first encounter him in the wild, just to be able to ambush you later now that he knows you're here. It's rough, but it's very, very fun, and it's a huge part of what made this gametype popular in the first place.

  • Tip: North is where the loot is. Once you're strong enough, head North for better loot, but beware - it is inhabited by giants that can easily take you out.

That's about all I have to say about MineZ. The last part is that you should seriously check it out. It's never been more simple to try something out. Since this is a server mod, and requires no client modifications what-so-ever, you just need to add a server of your choice and join. The server list is available here:

Try out MineZ now! Click here for the server list so you can pick one and start playing right now!

Feel free to post your username and server below and you might make some new friends to join you on your quest for survival! Or you might get beat up, tortured and killed by a diamond covered powerhouse as he takes what little you managed to scrape together while laughing at your untimely demise as you draw your last breath in this crude wild world that is MineZ. Let's hope it's the former.