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Minecraft Cubed Mod announced and detailed, could include The Aether mod

Over on r/minecraft, Minecraft Cubed has been announced and detailed. It appears to be a very large mod filled to the brim with content, being developed by a big team lead by Miclee aka. Evil Notch, previously leader of the Evil Minecraft team. The mod aims to improve almost every aspect of Minecraft, from expanding leveling to be more RPG-like with perks, over new mobs and variations, right down to terrain generation and tons of cool new randomly generated buildings. For a more detailed rundown of the many features, read on.

You might remember the very ambitious Evil Minecraft mod that halted development a couple of months back. It was an ambitious project that had a lot of content and potential for a lot more, but fell apart due to disagreements withing the team and scandals within the community. Even though some of those guys, including the leader, Miclee, are also working on this mod, a lot of the team has changed, and they assure us this mod won't  have any similar issues.

But enough background, you probably want to get right to the action. Leveling. It's a very important mechanic in Minecraft, but a lot of people think it to be lackluster and incomplete. This mod is going to change the way it works to be a lot more like a traditional RPG. This means that leveling is much slower, and instead of levels being essentially a special kind of money to buy enchantments, they are changing your level to be more permanent and affect the world around you greatly. Loot and mobs will change (more on that below), and perks are available to make you stronger/faster/better looking as you advance in level. This means that leveling is much slower.

I mentioned that mobs change as you level, and this seems to be a feature the team is really pushing, and for good reason, since it sounds awesome. Apparently, they are changing the way mob spawning works to allow both visual variations via different skins, sizes and models, as well as statistical diversity via big strong, but slow mobs (even giants!) compared to faster, but smaller and weaker ones. As you level up, mobs should get increasingly more difficult and scary-looking. they become bigger, faster and a ton creepier. Terrain generation has also received a nice update, but not much has been said about this feature.

However, a lot has been said about new structures added by the mod. There should be new kinds of dungeons, but, according to Miclee himself:

They aren't just 'oh cool, this is like a stronghold but different', either. Many of them feature puzzles, mini-bosses, unique mobs, and various other challenges. They don't just end when you get the relic, either…

So you will likely get a ton of new bosses and puzzles to explore with this mod.

There will also be changes to biomes, with a focus on oceans. Mentioned are sunken treasures, underwater cities, hidden ruins and even new mobs. This could finally make oceans less boring, or at least I hope so. The Nether will also get some attention. The ole' gal will get new structures and other stuff making it worth visiting again, apparently including a special village type with pigmen, as teased on Twitter. Also mentioned on Twitter are changes to combat - shields, spells and overall changes to make it less “click click click” were mentioned.

Loot will be an important part of the mod. Work is being put into making loot much more interesting, and even though not many details were announced, this is what was mentioned:

  • Tool / weapon levels
  • Different item 'rarities'
  • Procedurally generated weapon appearances.
  • Different weapon stat focuses

You guys seem to like The Aether, and dimensions in general, so you'll be pleased to know that there have been new dimensions teased for the mod, with pictures of very strange looking dimensions posted. They look very awesome and I look forward to hearing more about them. Miclee also mentioned that they're in talks with the Aether team to add a special version of The Aether into this mod. Incompatibility with The Aether was one of the most wanted features for Evil Minecraft, and hearing that this mod might evade that fate is very exciting.

There is no announced release date/window as of yet, but we'll let you know as soon as they announce one.

That's about it. A lot of info, isn't? Calm down, drink some water, lie down and let the awesome sink in, but when you're done with that you can get more info about Minecraft Cubed here:

Read the post announcing Minecraft Cubed here!

Follow the Minecraft Cubed Twitter account for the latest info here!

You can rest assured we'll keep you posted about the latest news about this mod, since it is looking very promising. Are you excited about this mod? Tell us in the comment section below!