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ExtraBiomes - randomly generated beauty

People seem to love terrain generation mods. They're always popular on the forums, people keep spotlighting them on Youtube, and you guys rate them very highly, alas here is another spotlight of a mod that adds biomes. ExtraBiomes, a mod from MisterFiber, adds 22 new biomes to your world, all of them with special kinds of trees, plants or terrain type. Some of them are amazingly complex, and some are simple yet elegant. Let's take a gander at them, in form of bunches - I will list 4 biomes and top off the group with a picture containing all of them, keep in mind that this makes the article quite big, and might take a while to load.

First off, we have the fairly simple Woodlands, they are very Minecraft-like, aesthetically pleasing and fit into the game well. It's a normal forest, like you would see in vanilla Minecraft, just in a darker shade of green with some yellow, and with some new plants. Then come the Temperate Rainforest Snow biome, with giant pine trees covered in snow. It looks interesting, but is very dangerous (mobs airdropping from treetops are deadly), and impractical to build in. There are also Glaciers which are, in my humble opinion, the coolest looking of them all. They sport giant mountains covered in ice and snow, and even though they are extremely hostile, they look cool (in both meanings of the word). Lastly for this batch of biomes, seen in the picture below, is the Green Hills biome, which bring up good memories in me, as it looks exactly like the old Alpha worlds. It's bright green, with a few trees here and there.

Next up we have the Mountainous Desert, which is a more vertically dynamic version of the regular desert. It's still only filled with cacti and sand, but it's still a cool sight. There is also a Temperate Rainforest, which is almost identical to the Temperate Rainforest Snow biome, just without the snow. The Autumn Woods biome is a bright, colorful forest biome, which is a very nice building place. The Green Swamp is a modified swamp that has taller trees and custom plants, but no murky water like the regular swamp.

The Alps are an awesome looking biome, based upon the actual Alps, they are high, snow covered mountains which look stunning and offer a nice place to build your home. The Birch Forest is just like a regular forest, but only birch trees grow there. It's a cool sight, but nothing extraordinary or amazing. The Forested Hills biome attempts to bring some of that mountain sweetness to your forests, and succeeds by doing just what the name says - putting trees on regular hills and mountains. The modder gave the same treatment he gave hills to islands, so now we have the Forested Islands which look much cooler than those barren, empty islands you're used to seeing in vanilla.

The Ice Mountains, another cold biome, are also another modified version of regular biomes. This time, the mountainous environments covered in snow you used to see before 1.8 are back in full force with this mod! The Mini Jungle biome is one of the better looking biomes this mod adds, it's a mix between vanilla swamps and jungles, with much more water. It's a cool place to build a waterfront village in. The Meadow is among the more “classic” biomes, as it is just a reworked plain to include even more plants and wildlife. It's a very flat, green place, perfect for building huge stuff. To break the nice flow of natural biomes, give it up for the Mountain Ridge biome, which sports weird red rocky terrain with lots of nice canyons and peaks. It looks strange and mysterious, and while it's not a perfect place for building, it's very cool to stumble upon one of them while exploring.

Miss the good old days when all biomes had hills? Wish the Taiga would have them? Wish no more as the Taiga Mountains biome is the exact thing you're looking for - a regular Taiga with mountains and hills. The Rainforest biome is another very green biome, with lots of big trees, ferns and hills. The Savanna is an interesting one, it's a lot like a yellow meadow, with a new kind of tree and plants in it. It's a sight to behold, and the yellow plain stretches to the horizon with seemingly no end. The Shrublands are another one of those biomes based on pre-1.8 Minecraft, this time with the same name as the biome that was never reimplemented. It doesn't have tall grass, but it does have some short grass, and ofcourse, lots of animals.

The Snow Forest is another attempt to bring back old biomes, this time the regular forest has been injected with the Power of the North to give it snow. And last, but not least, is the Wasteland biome, a very barren, brown place with dirty water and covered in a new kind of block - cracked sand. It's awesome.

And that would be all of them. While some are definitely more interesting than the others, this mod offers a nice mix of biomes that make your Minecraft world a lot more interesting. My only real gripe with the mod is the fact that it breaks village generation even more, making them spawn in hillsides which results in very… well see for yourself:

There is also the “Classic” version of the mod that doesn't add any new blocks or items, but some of the more complex biomes lose their charm without them.

That's all I have to say. I hope you enjoyed this pretty long write up of all the awesome biomes this mod adds. As you can tell by the number of  times I say “cool” and “awesome” in this article, I am very impressed by this mod. Be sure to post something nice on the mod's forum topic, where you can also find the download, here:


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