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A Song of Mods and Updates - So how much did 1.3 break mods?

1.3 hit a couple of days ago, and brought a bunch of new stuff with it. Among the new features, bugfixes and an abundance of cookies was a major change to the inner workings of the game. Singleplayer was changed to run through a local server, a feature that is basically groundwork for the Mod API that we've been waiting on for so long.  This should, in theory, break a lot of things. How much did it actually break, and what is the state of our beloved modding scene now? One way to find out…

Usually after an update it takes a day for the fastest and basic mods to update - ModLoader, Rei's Minimap and TooManyItems are one of those. A few days later, the bigger mods like Mo' Creatures and others update. In a week, you can barely find any mod not updated yet on the first page of the forums. It's been a couple of days since 1.3, and we just now see everything getting back to normal. ModLoader updated fast after 1.3 hit, but it still hasn't been completely fixed. GLSL Shaders have been already updated, as well as the aforementioned Minimap and TooManyItems. Optifine has a preliminary, beta update and some world generation mods have been updated.

That's all nice, but do you, dear reader, notice a pattern? These are all mods that don't add any new blocks, items or mobs. One has to assume that at least some of the mods that do this are already being updated by their respective creators, but it seems to be taking more than usual. This is probably due to the singleplayer split. Aether lovers, you'll be waiting a long time for your favorite mod to update.

While your favorite mods do need some extra time, a world of new opportunities just opened up with a rather simple mod called BetterLAN. This nifty mod allows you to use Bukkit with your LAN server, and therefore singleplayer. With it, you can use Bukkit plugins and switch between vanilla and Bukkit at any time. You'll be hearing a lot more about this mod, as I predict it may become one of the most important APIs out there. Once Bukkit and most of the plugins update to a stable state, you will be able to read a comprehensive guide right here on Mods-For-Minecraft, but for now, just enjoy the added stability and features it offers.

Has the update got you worried about the future of your favorite mods? Are you happy with the 1.3 update? Leave your feedback in the comment section below.