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The Seasons Mod Returns! Updated for 1.4.2.

I enjoy the natural aspect of Minecraft. You know, the landscapes, the weather and the living, breathing world that I immerse myself in when I play. It is therefore no surprise that The Seasons Mod, originally by Nandonalt, is one of my favorite mods. Like the name suggests, it adds a season system with all four of them changing every 7 days. It really makes the world feel more alive and dynamic. It was abandoned by the original creator, then picked up, then abandoned again and now it's been picked up again by The_WeatherPony, who will hopefully continue the project. For more info and a download link, read on.

If you're not familiar with the mod itself, here's a quick rundown:

There are 4 seasons (in order of change): Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Each lasts 7 days and has its own special features, both gameplay and aesthetic. Creating a new world or loading an old one that has no season yet will place it in the middle of a random season, which in my experience is always Spring for some reason.

  • During Spring, leftover snow from Winter will melt in non-snowy biomes, new plants will sprout on the surface.
  • In Summer time wheat will grow faster, all rains will be storms, it will rain in snowy biomes, and leftover plants from Spring will wither and die.  You will also take damage in desert biomes when not protected by armor and exposed to direct sunlight.
  • If Fall falls onto your world, grass, flowers and leaves will turn brown and orange giving your world that Autumn look. You will also gain bonus drops from crops.
  • When Winter comes, it will snow everywhere all the time except in deserts. In snowy biomes you will take damage and slow down when not protected by armor and outside, similar to deserts during Summer.

This is just an update post, so for even more information, you should check out the full-on review article. Not much if anything about the mod has changed, so it's still relevant.

If this all sounds like something you would enjoy, you should check the mod out. It's got some bugs, so it's not perfect, but I expect that to be fixed in time considering how big the mod is and how early it's been updated for 1.4.2. It requires Forge. Get it here:

Download the latest Seasons Mod now!

As always, let us know how you liked the mod and leave any feedback in the comment section below.