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Texture Pack Gallery - vonDoomCraft

In this edition of Texture Pack Gallery we will dive into the world of vonDoomCraft, one of the most unique texture packs out there with a style that is love or hate for a lot of people. The only way to find out is to look at it yourself…

vonDoomCraft has been in the texture pack game for a while now and people know it for its unique aesthetic which is inspired by creepy Halloween decorations, or as the author describes it “horror-pop style”. The whole pack is very dark, which can put off some people. The terrain textures are mostly normal, with some building blocks injected with that creepy vonDoomCraft style. The animals are possibly the most iconic thing about the pack. At times, they are impressively original and scary, at others, they are downright terrifying. And the terrifying ones are the friendly animals!

With the introduction out of the way, let's see the gallery itself:

We hope you enjoyed the Texture Pack Gallery! Here's a higher resolution version of these pictures and a download link:

Full HD screenshot album (no watermark) here!

Download the vonDoomCraft resource pack here!

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