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The PaintGun Mod makes your builds colorful!

No, not paintball gun, silly, that's another mod for another article, but just paintgun. You know, the one that shoots paint onto walls, and not enemies on the battlefield? That paintgun can now be a part of your Minecraft experience with this mod by rich1051414 (boy, that's a lot of numbers). It uses dyes to paint blocks around you, so it brings a new level of decoration into play. Forget about colored plank or cobble mods, this baby will paint anything. Let's take a closer look at how it works.

First of all is the paint gun itself. It has a fairly simple and cheap recipe, some iron on top of 2 planks, sticks and a lever. It gives you the paintgun itself, but that's not enough to just go around painting blocks. You also need dye in your hotbar. Specifically, some red and green dye, as well as some lapis lazuli acting as blue dye.  Having sand or flint in your hotbar allows you  to revert block to their original color by right-clicking. A knife is also craftable that allows you to do the same thing but get some dye back. The gun will use up the dyes/materials periodically depending on what color you're using/wiping.

Ah yes, the colors. You pick them by pressing the G key, which opens up a sleek interface, similar to one you'd see in image editing software, with 16.7 million colors to choose from, allowing you an unprecedented level of customization for decorating your house… or coloring the grass if that's more your style.

Painting is fairly easy and not very resource heavy, but still balanced, making it fit into Minecraft nicely and not breaking any mechanics or anything while still providing a fascinating new decoration mechanic that makes building and customizing your base even more fun. It also boasts Forge and multiplayer compatibility as well as an admirable level of texture pack compatibility. Both - both the coloring itself and the button in the interface worked with my texture packs, as seen on the screenshots.

I recommend you give this mod a whirl, it's highly compatible with other mods and texture packs and it's a blast to use in-game without unbalancing any game mechanics. You can get it here:

Download the PaintMod [1.4.2] [Forge]

Let us know how you liked the mod, and maybe even post photos of your newly colored house/base in the comment section below.