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The Scary Herobrine Mod

Many of you have probably already heard the myth of Herobrine, but for all of you not in the know, here's a quick recap:

Herobrine is a very famous Minecraft myth. Herobrine is a supposed hidden mob in the game that stalks the players movement, watches him from the fog and is rarely ever seen. It has the player model and skin, just with creepy completely white eyes and a bit less saturated color of clothes. Even though the changelog for a lot of Minecraft updates said “Removed Herobrine”,

Creepy, right? Modder burnner_ agrees, but thinks the myth is not enough, as he created the Herobrine mod to scare you so bad you'll ruin your new pants.

At first, it might not be clear that the mod is even installed. To summon him, you need to make a totem out of gold, nettherack and a special new Herobrine block. With the mod installed, I played for over 7 in-game days without Herobrine ever showing up. That is, until I made the totem. Madness then insued.

As this mod has so many awesome scary tidbits,  just telling you exactly what it does would probably ruin all the fun. That's why I will tell you 3 scary stories from my experience with the mod. One of them will be completely and utterly fake, but the other two will be real. This way, you'll get the kind of atmosphere this mod provides without ruining exactly what it does.

Here we go.

Story 1

I was just mining in a ravine near my house, trying to gather some iron when I heard thunder. As there was no rain, it was extremely odd and I immediately got out into the open to look for whatever happened. Suddenly, lightning struck again, and rain started falling. I looked up and there he was, slowly descending from the sky, his eyes glowing white. When his feet touched the ground, the rain stopped. He started running towards me. Whenever I punched him he just disappeared in a puff of smoke and reappeared somewhere nearby so he can run at me again. I fought well, but he finally killed me. I didn't respawn in my house though. I was in the Nether, and the portal home was high up a mountain. I had to climb my way back, but I failed when a Ghast blew me into a lava pool. As I burned up he appeared, floating just over the steaming hot lava. He looked at me as I died.

Story 2

I was exploring a nice, quaint forest near my house when I heard a very creepy noise. I did not know what it was, so I just continued about my own business. After a couple of minutes, I heard it again. This time, I was set on finding out what it was. I walked around until I hit a river, and there he was. On the other side. Holding an iron pickaxe. He just stood there and looked at me. When I tried to approach him, he ran. I followed him but he was just faster and I lost sight of him, but I continued walking in that direction. Along the path I encountered several displaced glass blocks. I also stumbled upon a very creepy sign that said: “I'm your shadow”. I continued walking and stumbled upon a strange hut. It had redstone torches on the roof and it was very small. There was a chest inside, but it was empty. There was also a button. I pressed it, and the floor disappeared under me and I fell into lava and died.

Story 3

It was just a regular evening in my world. As the sun was about to set, I went for a walk near my house with my cats. As I was walking next to a deep ravine, I lost control. No matter how many times I pressed other keys, I kept walking forward as if I was holding W. I fell into the hole and died. I respawned in my house and immediately started building my way down into the ravine to pick up my stuff. When I retrieved my items and got back up, lightning struck the ground and Herobrine appeared. I tried to punch him, but that only made him multiply. He just stood there for a couple of seconds and then lightning struck again and he turned into 2 zombies that started attacking me. I barely escaped back to my hut and tried to sleep through the night, but ended up teleporting into some weird temple. I was not walking straight and everything looked weird. I kept on walking forward through the hallways of the temple until I magically woke up in my bed. I was the only one to make it out alive that day.

So, can you guess which story is the fake one? The answer might surprise you. After the 2 stories that did happen, I had a big showdown with Herobrine. I won't tell you about it though, it would just ruin the fun.

Overall, this mod is very creepy and can give you a good scare if you're not careful, but after some time attacks from Herobrine can get tedious and repetitive, so this is a fun mod to play, but not one you should always keep in your collection. You can download the mod from here:


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