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Sonic Ether does it again - New Shader (R5) looks even more amazing

Back in July, Sonic Ether blew everyone away by adding a water shader onto his already existing group of shaders including motion blur, dynamic shadows and more. Since then, he has been working on a couple of new features that have now been released as a part of his latest R5 preview build, and they are amazing. Along with major performance improvements are texture mapping, wet and metal surface reflections, smoother shadows and more. Take a closer look now…

Note: These screenshots have not been digitally altered in any way besides the added MFM watermark, and are all pure gameplay footage.

Texture mapping is at the forefront of this update, and it's absolutely beautiful. Even though it has been done before, Sonic Ether does it better than anyone before. If you're unfamiliar with what mapping does, in short it makes textures act 3D, applying shadows to them and making them be affected by everything around them. This results in truly amazing looking blocks that each have their own small 3D landscape. It's hard to describe in text, so here are two pictures where the effect can be seen nicely.

It usually isn't this prominent, but I purposely set it up that way to display the effect.

The second new addition are reflections on surfaces that require them. This includes wet, metal and shiny surfaces, and it's not just entire textures that are reflective, but small parts on otherwise non-reflective textures, for example door knobs on doors. The reflections stack too, so the aforementioned doorknob would be extra shiny if it was also wet. While this effect on metal is nice, it's rarely noticeable so it doesn't make much of a difference in-game. What does is the wet surface reflection which appears on most textures when it rains. It makes for some truly stunning scenes, especially in places where there are lots of buildings.

Along with those two big features, lots of bugs and incompatibilities with certain hardware have been fixed, and there's a significant performance boost. Shadows are more responsive, higher fidelity and smoother. Lens flares are less annoying and other sun-related effects have been tweaked and improved. Support for some texture packs has been introduced with Ovo's Rustic Pack, which is 64x, being the default pack to go with the mod. It's really a much better mod now, and you should definitely check it out if you've got a powerful enough system.

You can download it here:

Download Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders V10 R5 now! (Powerful Computers Only) (Complicated Installation) (Not Final Release)

If you're able to run it, tell us how you liked the mod and post your favorite screenshots in the comment section below.