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Falling Meteors Mod - the sky is falling

While Minecraft never dabbled much into complex weather mechanics with vanilla, modders and players alike have always been asking for a decent meteor mod for ages now. While there have been a bunch of mods trying to add this feature, none of them were fleshed out enough to actually be commendable. Modder AlexDGr8r hopes to change this with his Falling Meteors Mod that adds the meteors we've all been asking for, alongside a few other features to make it a proper mechanic. Read on for the full fall.

The meteors themselves have 5 types available. Those types are:

  • Meteorite - a regular meteor that drops down and makes a fiery blast. It's made of meteorite ore and is common. It cools off quickly, and when it cools down less meteorite chips drop from ore.
  • Freezarite - a snowy meteor that's a bit more rare than a Meteorite. It's made of freezarite ore that melts into water over time. It's blast creates ice and snow.
  • Kreknorite - a rare fire meteor made of kreknorite ore that cools off to obsidian, and lava. It creates a Nether portal on impact.
  • Unknown - a meteor made out of all other meteor ores, but mostly meteorite.
  • Kitty Comet - a meteor that just makes a hole and spawns Comet Kitties. Yes, this mod adds SPACE CATS.

The meteors are a random occurrence and can actually do damage to your house if you're not careful. That's why there's a meteor shield block in this mod that you can craft using some meteorite chips. It will charge up after a while, though you can speed that up using more chips or boost the range using some red meteor gems. Like a beacon in vanilla, it projects a beam of light into the sky. The beam is purple at first, but changes color according to the last meteor type blocked. A meteor shield test torch can be crafted and indicates if the area is protected by a shield.

There are also 3 meteor detectors, proximity, time and crash. Proximity tells you the closest meteor to you. The time meteor tells you the where the next meteor will fall. The crash one tells you where the most recently crashed meteor is, making it by far the most effective. There are also meteor summoners for each meteor type that let you summon a meteor on right click. I found that this allows for some SimCity fun because you can create a meteor shower that blows up and entire city.

Each meteor ore, Meteorite, Freezarite and Kreknorite, all drop their respective meteor chips (and a red meteor gem on occasion). These can each be used to craft a unique armor and tool set. Meteorite armor and tools are diamond strength, and have a magnetism enchantment that pulls drops to you. Freezarite armor allows you to freeze water as you walk on it, while freezarite tools have water buffs (underwater dig speed increase, automatically water crops, freeze enemies) All Freezarite stuff is very weak, but you can also use Freezarite to make icecream! Krenorite armor gives you fire immunity while a sword will set your enemies on fire. It is the strongest material in the mod.

I found this mod to be very enjoyable and recommend it to anyone that is at all interested in it. I do however have to warn you that some of the features can be considered unbalanced, depending on your game type and other mods you might have. Kreknorite meteors may be rare, but they can provide a free nether portal early on, and some of the armor buffs (water freezing and fire immunity) can be considered overpowered. You can get it here:

Download Falling Meteors Mod here!

Installation instructions:

  1. Open minecraft.jar and delete the META-INF folder.
  2. Install the Forge API.
  3. Run Minecraft at least once.
  4. Put the downloaded zip file in the mods folder located in your .minecraft folder.
  5. Play!

Like always, feel free to let us know how you liked the mod in the comment section below!

Version of mod reviewed: v2.10.1 for Minecraft 1.5.1.