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Lost Isles of Galitor - a vertically diverse custom terrain map

There's lost of talented people building lots of amazing things in Minecraft. As a huge fan of the exploration aspect of Minecraft, I have a particular fondness for custom terrain maps: maps with handcrafted amazing terrain that allow you to play through Minecraft normally and explore. Jeracraft's Lost Isles of Galitor is one of those, and its amazing vertical terrain is as good as it gets. Let's take a look.

When you start up Lost Isles of Galitor, you will be in a small house in a large, rather impressive village filled with villagers. It has crops and animals - everything you need to get started. This is just one of many impressive structures that come with the Lost Isles of Galitor map. There's giant temples, underground houses and more! The structures are functional as a part of the map and build immersion.

The terrain itself is incredibly diverse. While the map is still a small island in comparison to some other custom terrain maps, it excels at making use of that space to create diverse landscapes that make the map feel giant. The creator does this by taking advantage of height, creating huge mountains and deep canyons.

Another fantastic part of this map is the underground. The caves are custom too, and look fantastic. There's hidden locations and loot chests everywhere so this caving experience will be like no other.

There's plenty more to discover in the Lost Isles of Galitor map. It's a very interesting map with a lot to offer, and it's perfect for anyone looking to just play a regular game on a new world with a custom terrain twist.

You can get the map yourself here:

Download the Lost Isles of Galitor map here!

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the map .zip file and extract the “Lands of Galitor” folder.
  2. Copy the folder into the saves folder located in your .minecraft folder.
  3. Ready to go! Enjoy.

Like always, feel free to leave any feedback you might have in the comment section below.