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The Aether II mod recruiting programmers, will go open source once stable enough

One of the most famous Minecraft mods ever is in the news again. The Aether team has made an announcement on the plans they have for the mod in the future and they include bug fixing, new features and going open source. Their new game is mentioned as well. Read on for the details…

The Aether team has recently announced that they have begun work on their standalone game and formed a studio, Gilded Games. The project is still mostly in the dark, but we currently know two major pieces of info: It is being worked on by the same team that brought you the Diamond Pickaxe Award winning Aether mod, and it's being built from the ground up to support modding since the creators are supportive of the modding community.

While this is great news for everyone and the project sounds amazing, many fans were left wondering about the future of Aether II, a project still in Alpha. Fear not, this shan't be a bittersweet news piece since the Aether team (now Gilded Games) has announced their plans, and they sound good. Here's what they want to do:

  • Still working on it - First off, they will continue developing the mod until 1.7 due to the big changes coming in the update. This means that the next update is probably underway already and will arrive soon after the 1.7 update.
  • Now hiring - Secondly, the team intends to recruit more programmers to work on the mod. After a while these new people will take over the mod, but still under the leadership of the original creators assuring the original vision of the mod is intact. This will provide optimizations and bugfixes that will lead right into the final point:
  • Going open source - the team plans to make the mod open source so that others can look at it, optimize it and work on it. This is pretty much the best thing they could have done since it will assure the mod lives on for a long time. As long as there is demand for it, there will be a programmer somewhere willing to update it.

If you'd like to apply to work on the mod, good for you! You can do that by messaging their Facebook page here. This is all very good news since we get a standalone game from these creative minds, but still get to keep the mod we all know and love.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on any more Aether news and update, so stay tuned.