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Gravity Gun Mod - throw mobs and animals around!

If you ever played Half-Life 2, you know how awesome the gravity gun is. It allows you to pick stuff up, throw it far away and even pick up enemies. Modder iChun, creator of the Portal Gun mod (boy, does he love Valve), obviously thinks so too because he modded the gravity gun into Minecraft, and it turned out awesome.  Though its main purpose is pure fun and goofing around, it should fit in well as a new tool that allows you to move blocks without breaking and replacing them. Let's see if it's as fun as it sounds

Right of the bat, you'll notice that the gravity gun has a pretty expensive recipe, which is fitting considering the power it has. The gravity gun also has a nice 3D model when you hold it in your hand, making it much less ugly than those stretched out hotbar images you usually have to look at. With the gravity gun, you can right click on blocks to pick them up, at which point the kind of float in front of you, until you release them by right clicking, or throw them by left clicking. The throw reaches a distance of about 10 blocks. It's not spectacular, but it's useful. You can also pick up mobs and carry or throw them around, making the gravity gun a fairly useful weapon in its own, which in turn justifies the expensive recipe when you're playing survival.

So what exactly could you use it for in your regular Minecraft game? Well, it is pretty useful for rearranging your furniture without the need to waste tools. It's also very good at getting rid of those nasty misplaced blocks. Making an animal farm? No problem, the gravity gun has you covered - just pick an animal up and carry it into your barn, hassle free and no wheat required. It's fairly effective in combat as well. You can pick up blocks and throw them at enemies for a fairly decent amount of damage (about one stone sword hit), and you can pick them up and throw them for fall damage or just to get away. This is especially effective against creepers!

While it does have a lot of survival mode elements, and it can work that way, I believe the mod is great to just play around in creative mode for an hour or two. You can just throw mobs around, play with blocks and have fun. The mod also includes a supercharged gravity gun item, which is more powerful, but I won't spoil how to make it or what it specifically does since I believe the creator intended it to be a secret. The mod has decent compatibility with it being a Forge mod, but it does seem to bug out with mod implemented mobs that have actions bound on right click, as seen in my video here:

Overall, I really enjoyed this mod, especially just playing around in creative. It's compatible with 1.4.2 and 1.4.4 for now, but I reckon it'll stay updated for some time considering iChun keeps his mods updated. You should check it out. You can get it here:

Download the Gravity Gun V2 Mod now!

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