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The NEW Ultimate Mo' Creatures Guide - Part 2 (G-M)

On your adventures through the blocky lands of Minecraft, if you have Mo' Creatures installed, you might encounter all kinds of new mobs and animals you are not familiar with. This is where this almanac comes in. Now updated for Mo' Creatures 4.5.1 compatible with Minecraft 1.4.7, this is the go-to guide for all things Mo' Creatures. Browse all of the mobs in alphabetical order with pictures and short, to-the-point descriptions (some jokes included).

You already read about some of these creatures in Part 1, but that's not all folks, so let's continue, shall we?

Part 2 of 3 - includes Goats, Golems, Horses, Insects, JellyFish, Kitties, Komodo Dragons, Lil' Fish, MantaRays and Mice.

You can scroll down to view all of the information one animal at a time, or click the name of the animal in the list above to get right to the one you're looking for! If your animal is not on that list, click here for Part 1 which includes Bears, Bunnies, Cave Ogres, Crocodiles, Deer, Dolphins, Ducks, Elephants & Mammoths, Fire Ogres,Flame Wraiths and Foxes or Part 3 which includes Ogres, Ostriches, Rats, Scorpions, Sharks, Snails, Snakes, Stingrays, Turtles, Turkeys, Werewolves, Wolves and Wraiths.

Click here for Part 4 which features the latest mobs that have been released since this guide was published!

Let's begin!

Goats are passive animals that spawn in any green biome and eat everything. There are male and female ones with the difference being that females have shorter horns and no goatee, they wont' fight back and they can be milked while male ones can't. Males will fight among each-other for dominance and will fight back if provoked. Goats can be tamed by feeding them an edible item, and they will follow you around if you have one in your hands. Goats eat every dropped item they can find, so don't drop anything near them.

Golems are hostile mobs that spawn during the night. They are composed of a head, a core and some blocks including an ore. Fighting them is tricky, since they have a lot of health and even though their melee attack is powerful, also have a ranged attack where they throw their blocks at you. The trick is to try to destroy the blocks that a golem is made of, therefore revealing the core which then makes the golem take damage. It's also good to have their aura in mind, since it goes from blue (peaceful), to yellow(full health) to red(low health) and indicates their health. When a golem dies it explodes, leaving behind the blocks it was made of as loot.

Horses are animals that spawn in most areas of the world. There are 44 different kinds, a lot of which are secret, have to be bred and don't spawn in the wild. Taming a horse with an apple, hay or sugar, and putting a saddle on it, will allow you ride it. Right-clicking mounts the horse, crouching dismounts. Different horses are faster, and you can make them faster by feeding them. Breeding horses is one of the more complicated systems in the mod, but it's rewarding to learn since you can obtain all kinds of cool and fast secret horses. This chart explains it nicely, but it only scratches the surface. You can craft armor and bags for horses as well.

Insects are simple, passive mobs that don't do much and are just there for ambiance. They fly/crawl/jump around and only drop a small amount of XP when killed. They spawn where there are trees.

Jellyfish are passive water mobs. They swim by moving their tentacles, are slightly transparent, and glow at night. Be careful not to touch them because they can poison you. They drop slimeballs when killed.

Kitties (or cats) are passive animals that spawn in plains and forests. They will run away from you, but you can drop some raw fish next to them and put a medallion on them to tame them. You can even craft beds and litter boxes. Feeding a cat cake will make it seek out another cake-fed cat to mate with, at which point one of them will lie down in a nearby bed until kittens are born. Cats sometimes show emoticons above their head indicating their mood. They sometimes climb trees and can't get down (realism, yay!).

Komodo Dragons are hostile animals that spawn in swamps. They can sometimes drop eggs, which can be placed next to a torch to hatch. The hatched komodo dragon will be tamed and will not attack you. A tamed komodo can be saddled and mounted, as well as healed with turkey or rat meat. Komodo dragons hunt other smaller animals using their poison as a powerful weapon.

Lil' Fish are water animals that are mostly passive, that is, out of the 10 kinds available, only one - the piranha - is hostile. They come in various shapes and sizes. A fishbowl can be crafted, filled with water and then used to catch and transport fish. They sometimes drop fish (the item) when killed.

MantaRays (not to be confused with Stingrays) are peaceful water creatures. They swim around and don't attack anything, but are great for ambiance.

Mice (not to be confused with Rats) are peaceful, easily frightened animals that spawn in woods and plains. They run away from everything and are often the prey to larger animals. They drop seeds when killed.
That's it for Part 2 of our New Ultimate Mo' Creature Guide. If you don't already have the Mo' Creatures mod, I highly recommend you get it here:

Download the latest Mo' Creatures Mod version now!

We hope you found all the information you were looking for. Stay safe from those dangerous Golems, but also stay tuned for the last part of the guide - it will be posted soon and connected via links for easy transition between parts. Feel free to discuss the mobs and give any feedback you might have in the comment section below.