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Still Hungry! - New crops and food types

Though the term “survival” has been stretched far beyond its original meaning, the core concept of having to stay alive in a hostile environment is alive and well in Minecraft's survival world. A big part of it is food, which we don't have a lot of in vanilla. Luckily, modder 17CupsOfCoffee had addressed this issue in Still Hungry! - a mod that adds lots of new food, crops and other related stuff. Let's take a look…

Still Hungry! centers around one particular crafting block - the stove. The stove is a new, furnace-like block that allows you to cook a greater variety of food. It still uses the same kind of fuel as a furnace, but it needs a frying pan, which is a new craftable item the mod adds, and has two slots for items, allowing greater diversity in the ingredients you're using, therefore bringing variety to the kind of food you can cook.

However, to have cool new food items you need cool new ingredients. Still Hungry! does not forget this with 3 new crops and other ingredients scattered throughout the game. The new crops are strawberries, rice and grapes. They all work the same as wheat, except they have a chance to spawn randomly in the world. Other food stuff is implemented into other elements of vanilla Minecraft, so for example there are new meat drops for sheep (lamb) and squids, and you can cook milk into cheese.

Still Hungry doesn't stop at stove recipes though, and adds barrels that allow you to make wine and cider with grapes and/or apples. The barrel needs a bucket of water, some sugar and 4 instances of fruit to produce the drink. The drink then fills the barrel but mysteriously boils down to one tiny bottle. Keep in mind this is a new bottle with a new recipe added by the mod, and not the potion bottle from vanilla Minecraft.

This all comes together to provide a giant selection of food items, some more useful, some less.

Overall, I think this mod has a very specific purpose and it does it well. If you've ever wondered why a certain food item isn't in the game or simply want more variety, this mod will meet your needs. You can get it here:

Download the Still Hungry! mod here!

Installation instructions:

  1. Install the Forge API.
  2. Run Minecraft at least once.
  3. Put the mod's .jar file in the mods folder located in your .minecraft folder.
  4. For any additional info, head to our big Mod Installation Guide.
  5. Ready to go! Enjoy.

Like always, feel free to leave any feedback you might have in the comment section below.

Version of mod reviewed: v2.0.1  for Minecraft 1.6.4.