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Mojang releases 1.6.4 - bugs fixed, mods broken

Even though work on 1.7 is in full swing, Mojang has recently released a new update for Minecraft with lots of bug fixes but none of the 1.7 features. Find out moreā€¦

Earlier this week Mojang actually released a 1.6.3 pre-release with the same bugfixes. The release turned out to be slightly broken, so when they fixed the issues the update was published as 1.6.4 without a prerelease or anything.

So now we have the 1.6.4 which is just the 1.6.3 update fixed. Here's what it does:

  • Fixed many bugs
    • Fixed structures not being saved structures - Note: Existing structures will only be saved when the chunk they are in is loaded
    • Fixed some Minecraft Realms related issues

Not a long changelog, but the bugfixes must be important if an entire new update is warranted. This update broke mods and is not backwards compatible with old servers. This move tells us that the 1.7 update might be further away than we previously thought since Mojang would not break compatibility with a new bugfix only update unless that version was going to stick around for a while.

The update is available via the Minecraft launcher. We'll be sure to keep you posted on the latest Minecraft updates, so stay tuned.