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1.5 - Redstone Update is now officially published!

Mojang has now released the long awaited Redstone update (version number 1.5) to the general public via Minecraft's launcher. If you've been anticipating it but haven't paid attention to the snapshots and prereleases, now is your time. The update includes significant changes to redstone as well as a new ore, changes to mob balance, more graphic options including animated textures and the list goes on…

Mojang have included a couple of demonstration videos in their blog post, however, I found this video by FromTheFarLands to be the best of its kind, even though it wasn't included in the post itself. Take a look:

For a closer look at the features, take a look at one of our previous articles, covering specific parts of the update:

This update changes the way texture packs work, soold texture packs will NOT work with the new update. Be sure to get the latest version of your pack if you are having problems. Another problem users seem to having is tied to the framerate, with the FPS reportedly dropping by 400% on some machines. As usual with performance problems, your best bet is get Optifine, the magical mod that fixes most performance issues, which already has a preview update to 1.5 available. If that doesn't solve your issues, you'll have to wait for the next update (since stuff like this usually gets fixed quickly), or downgrade back if the game is simply unplayable and nothing helps.

In related news, Mojang has already mentioned that 1.5.1 is on the way, so don't get too hopeful about the big mods updating any time soon. We'll keep you posted regarding that update as well. As always, be sure to leave any feedback you might have in the comment section below and tell us: How are you liking the new update?