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Interview with Kingbdogz, project lead on The Aether - Part 2: Gilded Games and their upcoming project


I continue my gentlemanly discussion with Kingbdogz, project lead on The Aether II mod and lead designer at Gilded Games. This time we discuss his new studio, Gilded Games, and their exciting upcoming project.

Bolded text are the questions I asked, regular text are Kingbdogz's answers. Enjoy!

How much of Gilded Games consists of The Aether team? Are there some new people involved?

Gilded Games currently consists of much of the recent team members of the Aether team, notably:

Founder, Programmer and Lead Designer:

  • kingbdogz (Brandon Pearce)

Lead Programmers:

  • cafaxo (Lukas Mayrhofer)


  • Jaryt Bustard


  • Oscar Payn
  • Dark (Elijah Brown)


  • Liberty (Steve Alan Versace)

Music Producers:

  • Emile van Krieken

Managing a large-scope project must be hard. How do you manage to organize all of these talented people working on the same project?

It can definitely be very daunting at times, but I've found that the key process to managing and organizing all the workload of the project, is by having consistent and relevant communication with all of the team members. That way no stone is unturned and we're all clear on what tasks need to be completed.

You've already mentioned that the project will have extensive modding support. Is this being modeled to appeal to the current Minecraft modding community, or are you hoping to create a new one?

We're been striving to learn from our own personal experiences with modding games, and from that we hope to design a well-supported and highly functional modding infrastructure for our upcoming standalone game. We feel that modding is a crucial aspect of any game's community, and simply cannot be ignored. To answer your question, I feel modders who migrate from the Minecraft community will feel very pleased with the plans we have for our game.

One of the things people love the most about The Aether is the world and lore. The universe you've created is very unique and beautifully designed, so it inspired many other mods. Does this tradition continue in the new project?

If any readers enjoyed the world and lore of the Aether mod, you'll definitely feel right at home with our new project. A large part of the original Aether mod was trying to maintain this particular “atmosphere” of a living, breathing world that floated in the sky. We went to great lengths just to keep this style intact, and I think we did a pretty good job. I feel that an important aspect of our upcoming game will be the huge amount of depth that is presented within both the world and its narrative.

Our highest priority for the game is delivering an immersive, spell-binding experience. We will spare no expense to form a breath-taking narrative. Games as a medium of storytelling has so much untapped potential, and as game developers, we fully intend to explore the opportunities it will grant us. Of course, the game will also have many interesting gameplay mechanics that I am positive people will enjoy, but personally I am very excited for the storytelling possibilities.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about Gilded Games and/or the project?

Right now the project we're working on is still very early in development, so don't get too high on the hype train just yet. But I promise, when we're ready to reveal things, I'm sure it'll be well worth the wait

Is there anything you'd like to say to the fans over on MCmodder.net?

Thank you so much for being an amazing, supportive fan base! Not only for the Aether project, but for modding in general. The Minecraft community really is an amazing one, and I'm glad to see it living on after so many years.

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