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LIFE HD - A Smooth Realistic Texture Pack (128x,64x)

There are a lot of texture packs available for Minecraft, and a lot of them are really, really good. In such a competitive and saturated scene, it is very hard to stand out and impress. Luckily, Storm_Core_Films manages to do so with his realistic texture pack named simply “LIFE HD” that impresses with it's smoothness. It also goes along really well with shaders. Take a closer look below…

One this pack's high points is certainly the terrain. Like I mentioned in the title of the article itself, it's very, very smooth, but also very detailed. Forests look vivid and alive due to the fantastic wood textures and very nice looking grass. Sand is also very good which in turn makes beaches and deserts look stunning. You could nitpick and say that the textures look grainy from far away, but this is a problem with all HD packs and can easily be solved by turning on mipmapping via Optifine.

The mod works very well with buildings too. I already mentioned that wood looks great, and while the planks aren't anything breathtaking, they are decent enough and fit in with the pack. Stone is a fantastic blend of detail and smoothness which really represents the best thing abut this pack. All types of stone flow together perfectly in buildings and I really can't complain about anything on that front.

I noticed that some items aren't in the pack yet, but otherwise the items look good. They are actual pictures of stuff, and not drawings, so they are very realistic. It does look a bit weird in your hand, but this is normal with realistic packs.The Nether looks very dark and moody with this pack. The textures are once again very detailed, but soulsand seemed to be missing which kind of brings the whole thing down.

I already mentioned, but it's worth emphasizing that this pack works wonderfully with the shaders graphic fanatics hold so close to their hearts. Sure it doesn't have mapping support, but the lighting from shaders just blends with the pack so nicely and compliments it perfectly that it looks as if the pack was tweaked specifically for this purpose. All the pictures were taken with shaders, because that is the optimal way to use this pack. Without them, a lot of the beauty is lost, but it's still a nice pack.

If you'd like to try the pack yourself, you can read more and download right here:

Download the LIFE HD realistic texture pack now!

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