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First Snapshot of 2013 has been released - Lots of new redstone stuff


You might recall that a while back Mojang announced the 1.5 update for Minecraft dubbed the “Redstone Update”. It would feature several new redstone related blocks and overall a lot of new stuff to flesh out redstone contraptions that the community seems to love. Mojang have now released the first snapshot of this year - 13w01a - and it features a lot of the new blocks and features that were announced then. From the redstone block to the daylight detector, find out the details right here.

Here's a full list of changes from Mojang's blog to get you started:

  • Redstones circuits are more consistent and pistons should be more stable
  • Added the Redstone Comparator block (this replaces the Capacitor we talked about at Minecon)
  • Added the Daylight Detector block
  • Added a Hopper block (still work in progress)
  • Added a chest that activates redstone
  • Added weighted pressure plates that detect item stacks
  • Added Block of Redstone block (works as a pushable redstone torch)
  • Added a new ore to the Nether
  • Added a Nether Brick item for crafting Nether Brick blocks
  • A whole bunch of other stuff… Try for instance double-clicking items, or drag-placing them, in the inventory

That's the short version, but if you want to find out more details, read on.

The daylight detector block does exactly what you would imagine it does, it detects what time of day it is and outputs an appropriately strong redstone signal. This will allow for a lot of time-dependent stuff to happen in adventure maps in the future, but for casual redstone users it means a much easier way to make night lights.

The hopper block is still WIP, but it's supposed to be a block that sucks in items dropped onto it, and even deposits them in a chest below. This is useful for various types of farms and other contraptions including vast amounts of items.

A trapped chest was added that sends out a redstone signal when interacted with. The strength of the signal depends on the amount of players using it. This block has several trap applications, especially in multiplayer, but it's texture is slightly different than that of a regular chest (the handle has a red glow around it). This block now allows two chests to sit besides each other, making storage way more efficient (in case this isn't a bug that eventually gets fixed).

Weighted pressure plates are new iron and gold pressure plates activated only by items. They send out a redstone signal of strength parallel to the amount of items on top of it. The iron one is heavy and takes more items to send a stronger signal, specifically 10 stacks for a full signal, while the gold one is light and takes just a stack to get to full signal.

The redstone block is something fans have been asking for since Beta, and it's finally here. It is crafted just like regular ore blocks and sends out a full redstone signal, making it effectively a movable redstone torch. While I can't using my limited knowledge of redstone, think of a use for it, I reckon having a moveable signal emitter is something that can be used very effectively in complicated builds.

The redstone comparator block har 2 inputs and 1 output and is intended for complicated circuits. It is supposed to replace the capacitor block announced at Minecon. Since I don't understand exactly what it does apart from being an AND gate, here's an explanation from redstonehelper on Reddit:

If A=>B, the output will be A, otherwise it will stay off - When the comparator is toggled, it will output full strength instead of A.

So yeah. It does that. It should be useful.

Last but not least, to craft all of this fancy new redstone equipment you'll need a new item that drops from a new ore in the Nether. Named nether quartz, it looks like netherrack with some silver smeared on it. It can easily be missed since it blends into the terrain. It does not seem to be particularly rare.

That's about it for this snapshot. It's a good one folks. Adventure maps and redstone contraptions are about to get even better with all these additions, so be excited if you aren't already.

You can download the snapshot from the official Mojang blog, but remember that snapshots are for advanced users only and can be quite unstable:

Download the 13w01a snapshot here, now!

As always, leave any feedback in the comment section below.