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The Aether II Guide - Dungeons


Welcome back to our Aether II guide. In this final part of the guide we take a look at the hardcore meat of The Aether II mod - the dungeons. While the first Aether mod had 3 different dungeon types, Aether II currently only has the one, though very complex and huge. Take a closer look…

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Dungeons in the Aether II mod are the biggest and primary challenge. They are the source of the best gear and items, but also home to the most dangerous enemies. Their layout is randomly generated, though rooms tend to repeat and enemies are always the same. Dungeon entrances can be found in the Aether, mostly on the surface. The entrance to a dungeon will be marked by a tower made of carved stone (height varies), so it's hard to miss when exploring. They are instanced, meaning that when you enter one by right clicking the door, it is as if you were teleported to another dimension (you keep all your items of course). Since the mod supports multiplayer, there is a system in place for multiple players attempting a dungeon. Parties can be formed by players and a special interface is available. The dungeon should scale according to the number of players. Once you enter a dungeon, the fun begins…


Dungeons are big. Like, very very big. While dungeons in the original Aether mod were also bigger they are overshadowed by Aether II's monstrous labyrinths of danger. Once you enter, you will be placed on a circle staircase. Dungeons span multiple floors and the staircases connect them. While every floor will contain some tunnels and rooms with spawners, the main floor and the one you should be looking floor will be way bigger and you will recognize it instantly. On this floor there will be lots of rooms and hallways filled with enemies, and a big metal boss door. This boss door will only open once you've collected 5 keys within the dungeon, keys which can be obtained by killing all the 5 mini-bosses in the dungeon. There are 3 types of mini boss in the mod (all covered below), so expect repeats even within one dungeon. Once you collect the keys you open the door and fight the boss.

Helpful Tips

Before we move onto the dungeon mobs, here are some tips on how to survive in these dungeons:

  1. Suit up - before attempting to fully beat a dungeon try a short trip to a few simple mob rooms to get a Swetty Cloak or some sort of fall-damage negating item (even cold aeroclouds can work in a pinch, if you can place them before hitting the ground). Mini bosses tend to throw you around a lot, so it helps immensely.
  2. Be patient - fully heal before battle, try to tackle enemies one by one and don't try destroying the spawner until you've cleaned the room.
  3. Keep your distance - a ranged weapon will do wonders against regular mobs.
  4. Carry spare blocks and a good pickaxe - the spare blocks are for climbing and while you can't destroy most blocks in the dungeon you need something to destroy spawners and the final boss takes damage only from shovels and picks, and not regular weapons.
  5. Stock up - bring lots of food and possibly buffs (like the Healing Stone). Your hunger bar will drain quickly with all this combat, and you'll need the healing and speed a full one provides.
  6. Knockback is your friend, use it often, use it wisely!

Sentry Golem

A Sentry Golem is one of the weakest mobs in the dungeon. It is a humanoid shape 2 blocks tall with a sentry block in hand. Not to be confused with the similar Tracking Golem, a Sentry Golem has green lights. It's not that tough and its main attack is throwing explosive Detonation Sentries at you. While this would be dangerous, the mod is currently bugged and their throw doesn't have any range, making them ineffective unless you're engaging them in melee.

Tracking Golem

The Tracking Golem is one of the scariest mobs in the mod. While it shares it's humanoid 2-block high shape with the Sentry Golem, the Tracking Golem glows blue and does not carry a sentry block. They will try to stalk you and once engaged will run at you and lock your view to them, making it impossible to run away. You will get the nausea and slowness effects while this happens, distorting and twisting your screen. This makes a surprise Tracking Golem attack very scary and possibly deadly. When they are attacking their light turns red. They don't have a lot of health, but can be hard to kill due to the nausea and view-lock.

Detonation Sentry

This mob is a small, about block size, cube with a blue symbol on its front. It hops around like a slime and will charge at you once engaged. A detonation slime doesn't directly deal damage but rather explodes on contact, throwing you pack and potentially causing fall damage. They have very little health but can be dangerous in big numbers unless you have the right equipment to deal with the fall damage.

Battle Sentry

Like it's Detonation brother, the Battle Sentry is a small block-sized cube, this one with a green symbol on the front. It will also hop around as a slime and charge when engaged, though it is not as suicidal. The Battle Sentry deals a small amount of damage on contact and has very little health. Careful not to get swarmed by these - while the damage is not considerable the knockback can cause a bigger number of Battle Sentries to corner and kill you.


A Mimic is a devious little thing. A Mimic looks like a chest until you right click it at which point it will turn into a chest with big teeth and an appetite for your flesh. It deals a considerable amount of damage and is very fast making it a dangerous foe. Unfortunately, the existence of Mimics makes the sweet joy of looting dangerous, since any chest can be a Mimic. As long as you are careful and prepared to fight any chest you want to loot, you should be fine.

Labyrinth's Eye

Onto the mini bosses! Labyrinth's Eye is one of the three minibosses in this mod. It looks like a big sun made of stone cogs, with a tiny sentry eye in the middle that glows blue but turns red once you engage it. Labyrinth's Eye will throw small projectiles called cogs at you as defense. It tends to float a bit high so it can sometimes get out of melee reach. As it's health depletes the cogs around the sentry eye.

Slider Host Mimic

The Slider Host Mimic is another mini boss and like it's name suggests it is similar to the Slider itself, the main dungeon boss, while not as strong. While it floats around it can be hit and knocked back, but it's main attack are mini sliders it spawns once it lands on the ground. When on the ground it will take damage but no knockback until it creates a couple of mini sliders and then starts floating around again.

Sentry Guardian

This mini boss may look like a passive Tracking Golem at first, but do not be fooled by its looks. Once engaged it will turn red and start floating, making it faster. It deals a huge amount of melee damage when it hits the player and even spawns sentries to help him in the fight. He is arguably the most dangerous mini boss in the mod since it doesn't even take blowdart damage. The best way to fight him is to lunge for a couple of hits, then hang back, destroy the spawned sentires and lunge again.

Slider Boss

The most dangerous enemy in the mod and rightfully the main boss. It is essentially a huge block with an eye. Like I mentioned earlier to enter his chambers you will have to kill all 5 minibosses in the dungeon. At first it will not attack and just lie there with the eye closed. This will let you light the room with torches and prepare. The Slider does not take damage from regular weapons, and can only be hurt by shovels and pickaxes, making it hard to kill, especially since it has such a huge amount of health. Once you're ready just click it with your pick/shovel and it will wake.

The Slider attacks by moving itself quickly along one axis at a time. Like the name suggests, it slides around. The player has to dodge the Slider's advances while also dealing damage. It can also spawn sentries to assist in the battle. Once it hits you, knockback can trap you into several more hits so stay way from corners. Use the podium in the middle of the arena to force the Slider to have to change elevation, giving you more time to strike and dodge. A good tactic is also making it land on the spawned sentries, suffocating them. Once its health is low the Slider's eye will turn red and it's attacks will become faster, at which point is most dangerous and likely to kill you, so be careful. Hopefully using these tips you were able to defeat it and can reap the rewards!

Ladies and gentleman, that is it for our Aether II guide, but stay tuned for news on future Aether updates and content as well as other mod news!

If you haven't gotten it already, the mod can be downloaded here:

Click here to download The Aether II Alpha mod!

Installation instructions:

  1. Force update Minecraft so you get a nice clean .jar file to mod.
  3. Use the downgrade tool to downgrade to 1.5.1. and launch Minecraft to check if it worked.
  4. Now, Install the Forge API, Player API and Player Render API, in that order.
  5. Run Minecraft at least once.
  6. Click here to download The Aether II Alpha mod!
  7. Put the downloaded .zip file in the mods folder located in your .minecraft folder.
  8. Play!

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