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Minecraft News Flash: Dynamic shadows and jungles

It's been a busy week in the Minecraft community. The GLSL shader stirred it up earlier with a new shader that adds dynamic shadows, and Jeb chipped in with the latest Minecraft snapshot. Let's take a better look at it, shall we?

Dynamic Shadows with the GLSL Shader Mod

DaxNitro, the creator of the GLSL shader mod released a truly astounding addition to his mod, a dynamic shadow shader. As the name might suggest, it adds moving, active shadows to everything in the game, including your character. It makes Minecraft look like one of those amazing renders you see on Youtube a lot these days. It looks truly amazing, forests look so much better now that the leaves cast shadows that slightly move like on the wind. Now, I've recently done a guide for GLSL shaders, but the files linked there are outdated, so if you want to use this, you can use that guide with the latest version of Optifine and these new recommended shaders from Sonic Ether - just install them and you're good to go! Keep in mind though, this requires a very, VERY strong PC to run properly. Anything that can't run the latest games shouldn't even attempt this, and even if you can run the likes of Battlefield 3, Skyrim and so forth, for an enjoyable framerate you will need to turn down your view distance to normal or lower. You have been warned Here are two more screenshots (the first one being the featured image) to tickle your fancy even further:

“Dad, is this real life?” No son, it's Minecraft.

And now onto the vanilla Minecraft news.

Latest weekly snapshot adds jungles, brings back ladder hitboxes

Yee woes have been remedied! Jeb has readded the hitbox back to ladders, restoring balance to the Force Minecraft. He also added a new green biome - jungles - which look stunning. Jungles are so green it almost hurts your eyes - they consist of tall trees, lots of vines and lilypads and a new type of wood and leaves. Did I mention they are green? Jokes aside, the biome does actually have greener coloring that that of other biomes, which is appropriate. The latest to join the Minecraft development team, Jon, is working on new jungle mobs as well, so you can expect them in the next official update.

In other news, Mojang protested the SOPA and PIPA bills yesterday, on the 18th of January by taking down all their sites including Minecraft.net, joining other sites like Wikipedia and Reddit in the protest. If you are not familiar, these bills, though designed to stop piracy, threaten to change the Internet from the open free place we all know and love to a barren censored wasteland. Sites could be taken down just for linking to a site that mentions piracy. For example, this very site could be taken down because we posted a link to the Minecraft forums, and someone posted a link to download a movie ilegally on the same forums. If you'd like to learn more, head here.

And that's it for news right now. Do you like the jungles? Are you loving the shadows? Do you like it when we post news, or would you just like us to stick to mod spotlights? Just can't seem to install this and need help? Do you think there aren't enough Internet culture references in my articles? Sound off ALL of the opinions (just took care of that last one for you) in the comments below.