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Texture Pack Gallery - Balea's Realism Continued

In this edition of Texture Pack Gallery, we're going for total realism. Balea's Realism Continued is a continuation of a well-known old texture pack of the same name that was one of the preferred realism pack for use with shaders. Let's take a look…

A lot of time has passed since the pack was discontinued,  and shaders have changed a lot, but this new continued version works perfectly with the new SEUS shaders, and that's the way the authors intended the pack to be used, so that's what the screenshots are using. Here we go!

You might notice that the screenshots focus on terrain and blocks - this is because the pack is not done yet so lots of stuff like items and mobs aren't done, so the pack isn't really practical for everyday use. However, its amazing 256x textures and support for every feature of the texture pack (bump maps, specular maps… ).

We hope you enjoyed the Texture Pack Gallery! Here's a higher resolution version of these pictures and a download link:

Full HD screenshot album (no watermark) here!

Download the Balea's Realism Continued resource pack here!

As always, feel free to leave any feedback you might have in the comment section below.