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Advanced HUD - customize and arrange Minecraft's interface to your liking!

Minecraft has progressed significantly since the early alpha days. Pretty much everything about the game has changed, tweaked and improved, except for one detail - the HUD. While the HUD in default Minecraft is fine, a lot of people want more when it comes to a modern game like Minecraft, despite its retro aesthetic. This is where modder TurboSlow comes in with his Advanced HUD mod. This mod allows you to customize the size, look and position of every HUD item to make it more personal and sleek. Let's have a look shall we.

For those unaware, the HUD or Heads Up Display includes all of the things you see on your screen except for the game world itself. Things like the health bar, item bar and all of the other bars (alcohol withstanding). It's a thing vital to games since it displays important information to the player. It also compliments the game's aesthetic and design. Minecraft's default HUD is nice and does that just fine, but this mod takes it to a whole other level. You can customize your interface by pressing H, which opens up an options menu where you pick a part of the HUD and then edit it.

Most parts of the HUD got a new, sleek square bar look like the ones you see in most modern games. It makes the game look more modern and looks really good in my opinion, but this is a highly subjective matter so you shouldn't take my word for it. You can customize the size of elements as well through a neat slider. There's also a fade option with customizable length  so that you can set items to disappear after a period of not being used, creating more room for you to soak in the beauty that is your world. There are even custom crosshairs.

Then there's the ability to arrange every part of the HUD which is probably the most significant option in this mod. Making your own system takes some time to arrange right, but it pays off during gameplay when you have the information you need to play just the way you want it. Make a minimal HUD that only appears when needed, allowing you to enjoy a clear view of the landscape? Sure, why not. Constantly display all the info all over the screen so that you always know exactly what's going on? You can do that too.

Here's a small showcase of the options the mod gives you:

I find this mod to be fantastic, yet simple and easy to use. If you're not running a ton of mods already, it's the perfect thing to make the Minecraft experience tailor to you in a new way. It takes a while to get used to but is fantastic afterwards. You can download the mod here:

Download the Advanced HUD mod here!

Feel free to tell us how you liked the mod, and maybe share your HUD setup in the comment section below!