Minecraft Mods

Cool Mod: Add Baby Animals to Minecraft

The Baby Animals mod adds baby versions of the friendly mobs in Minecraft. This version is compatible with the newest version of Minecraft, 1.5_01. Some on the features include:

  • Ability to tame baby animals. Do this by giving them wheat.
  • Ability to have a baby animal follow you. Do this by giving them seeds. Don't move too fast or they'll get lost!
  • Right click on the animals with an empty hand and they'll stop following you.
  • To make babies 'wild' again you can give them yucky cactus greens.
  • Thrown eggs have a small chance of hatching chicks.
  • Baby animals will not follow adults.
  • Tamed baby animals can turn into adults by giving them a birthday cake.
  • The adult is permanently tamed and will still follow you if you offer it seeds.
  • Tame sheep can be dyed like wild sheep. To shear them, right-click on them with a piece of flint. Their wool grows back in a full Minecraft day (20 minutes).
  • Tame pigs can be saddled, but not controlled. Right click with a stick to ride/dismount. Once the saddle is put on, it does not come off.
  • Tame chickens lay eggs every 5-10 minutes
  • If you give another cake to a tamed cow, sheep or pig, they become 'pregnant' and have a baby in 9, 5, or 4 full Minecraft Days, respectively. Sleeping does not speed this up, it will take 20 minutes times the number of days. They might also have twins (1/32 chance.)
  • Redstone dust can be used to restore full health to tame animals.
  • It will also regrow sheep fur instantly, makes chickens lay an egg instantly, and will cause a pregnant animal to give birth instantly.

To install this mod, first you will need to download the required files. You will need ModLoader, AudioMod, and the Baby Animals Mod.

Once you have downloaded these files, follow these easy instructions:

Add ModLoader following to Minecraft.jar

  1. Add spawnlist.class to Minecraft.jar.
  2. Add AudioMod to Minecraft.jar
  3. Drag the mod folder into the .minecraft/resources folder
  4. Drag the .png files from mob into the mob folder in minecraft.jar
  5. Drag the class files into minecraft.jar.