Minecraft Mods

A Few Older Minecraft Mods

I'd like to take a look at a few Minecraft mods that have been around for a while now, but that we just haven't gotten to covering. With so many new mods coming out everyday it can be pretty tough to keep up with them all sometimes. So without further ado, here are 3 mods for Minecraft that I think deserve some attention from our site.

Long-Distance Transmitter (One of the most useful Minecraft Mods)

With the Long-Distance Transmitter you can take a redstone signal and send wirelessly up to 75 blocks away. And who hasn't stretched redstone to its limits before only to wish so badly that it could go a few blocks more. I certainly have.

A few uses for this mod as mentioned by the mod author might be: checking the status of your mob traps, routing a minecart from a station to the correct destination, sending an SOS signal & so much more. Your creativity is the limit with this one.

You can check out the video to understand a little more about how it works. And be sure to keep the receiver at least 3 blocks away at all times, otherwise it won't trigger it.


[1.7.3] Kaevator: Hedges & Shears

This mod will simply allow you to craft shears which will accelerate cutting leaves or drop leaves blocks on right click.
The second provided tool is the pruners which helps you craft 4 different shapes out of your hedges.

The hedges & shears mod allows you to craft shears which will help in speeding up the time it takes to cut leaves. It will also let you drop blocks on leaves simply by right-clicking.

Shears will allow you to drop hedge blocks by right-clicking on leaves. Right-clicking on a hedge block will give you a corner. While Right-clicking on a hedge block with the pruners will give you three different shapes of hedges. And btw, the mod author (Kaevator) notes that if you miss the shape you were looking for, well that's just too bad. You'll have to start over.


The Pitfall

The Pitfall mod for Minecraft is another one that I find pretty neat. It lets you drop blocks via redstone-powered switches. I can already think of a ton of creative uses for this mod and I'm sure that you can as well. Be sure to check it out in action via the Youtube video.