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Clay Soldiers

Every once in a while someone releases a mod and its just so off-the-wall, so unique and full of so many various features that its hard to actually sum it all up in a single post. We'll try and do our very best here, but I just know that somethings going to end up being left out.

So with that said, I present to you: Clay Soldiers for Minecraft.



This mod for Minecraft is truly a work of art. Now you can craft tiny clay soldiers which - based on their colour - will divide up into warring factions. The soldiers can be armed, armoured, mounted on horseback and so much more.

Here's how it works: A clay soldier is an item you can hold in your hand. It is crafted using a clay block (for substance) and soulsand (for sustaining intelligent life). Specifically, one block of clay and one block of soulsand can be used to create four soldiers. Once you have a nice little pile in your hands (up to 16), right-click to place them all at once. They will quickly spread out and begin to roam the landscape. They walk slow and don't jump very high, but they have enough arm strength to climb up a single block. Unfortunately, since they lack a decent skeletal support structure (or even skin, for that matter), their delicate figures can be horribly mutilated by even the weakest of blows. A player can cripple a clay soldier in just a single punch. So naturally, they aren't hostile towards anything bigger than themselves. So, what in the world are they qualified to fight against?… Other clay soldiers, of course!

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